GLO Tracker Story

Too many times, as hunters, have you heard of a story of the one that got away due to no recovery.  It happens to all of us at some point or another.  It does not mean we are poor hunters, or have no skill, but things happen.  An arrow hits a twig we didn't see, and animal moves right when you pull the trigger, or sometimes everything goes right, and the animal just has superpowers!  "I followed the blood for 100 yards then it vanished!"

Crime scene investigators have been using blood detecting chemicals for decades, but it has never been affordable for the average hunter until now!  Stronger than Luminol, and the glow lasts twice as long, GLO Tracker is the perfect solution to track blood after dark & even after rain!

No more lost blood trails, if there is a trace amount of blood, you will find it with GLO Tracker!

GLO Tracker offers hunters the ability to track wounded game at night. GLO Tracker is easy to use and has an indefinite shelf life when kept in tablet form.  

GLO Tracker is the perfect tool for hunters who are color blind, after a rain storm or even days after the hunt!

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